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This is an electrically driven easy to use recording drum or kymograph. The drive mechanism consists of constant speed electric motor and an accurate gear box contained in the base together with robust plate clutch. Engagement of various gear ratios are affected by sliding the lever into the slot marked with surface speed or by a knob. The recording drum or cylinder has a 6 inch diameter. It has 8 variable speeds. The speed is measured in mm per second. Eight variable speeds are 0.12, 0.25, 1.25, 2.5, 12.5, 25, 320 and 640 mm per second. A hand gear is provided to change the speed of the kymograph. Double electric contact arms are clamped on the main spindle and a stout double-contact block is fitted on top of the base. It runs on 220V, AC 50Hz.


Accessories needed with Kymograph (extra at cost):
1) Dubios Raymond Induction Coil Stainless Steel
2) Drum Paper Clips
3) Crank Myograph
4) Nerve muscle chamber with silver electrode,
5) Muscle lever attachment and heart lever attachment
6) Starling Heart Lever
7) Adjustable Stand
8) Standard X Block
9) Open sided X Block
10) N-100 Tuning Fork
11) Dubios Raymond Key
12) Press Contact Key
13) Simple Electrode
14) Hook & Weight Set 110gms
15) Hook & Weight Set 11gms
16) Muscle Grip
17) Frog Heart Clips
18) Pithing Needle
19) Thread Reel
20) Fixing Pins
21) Connecting wire (10m)
22) 15cm capillary lever arm with writing point

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